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The following articles are here to help you to: accurately interpret the Word of God; know how to filter out misconceptions about God; know the goodness of God; uncover what motivates God and understand God´s true nature.

The Love FilterThe Love Filter - Purifying Your View of God by Lori Scherer

Love is the first thing we need to know about God. It is the foundation, the first of who and what God is and it is the basis of everything He created. Love is what moves Him to do the lovely things He does, and it is His only motivation. Uncover the principle found in the Word of God given to understand the nature of God.

By Subject: confusion, controversy, deception, first thing, love, love filter, motivation, nature of God, own kind, strife, truth

The Nature of GodThe Nature of God - Understanding His Methods and Motives by Lori Scherer

If we do not understand that God is absolutely and only love, we will misunderstand His Word. This can cause us to think wrong thoughts about the nature of God; therefore, not understanding His methods and motives. Understanding God´s nature is absolutely necessary in order for us to properly interpret His Word and His plan for our lives.

By Subject: believe, best, covenant, foundation, God´s Nature, good, love, plan, principle

Do Not Call What Is Good EvilDo Not Call What Is Good Evil - Determine What Comes Out of Our Mouth by Lori Scherer

Whatever is in our thinking—minds and hearts—determines what comes out of our mouth. Not making an accurate distinction between things that are good and things that are evil brings destruction.

By Subject: Word System,speak according to the word,no gray areas,no exceptions,absolutes,compromising,destruction enemy´s evil tactic,buying into the lie